Filemail Pro

Individual user account for professionals.

Filemail Pro is our file transfer package for those who need a 1-user account. It offers a simple and secure way of sending large files. By having your own account you can keep better track of transfers and also use all our Apps and Addins.

Our typical Filemail Pro user is a single person (small company) or professional who frequently transfers files - e.g. photographers, engineers, marketing staff, audio/video studios.

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Sign up for Filemail Pro

Bumper 25 GB File Size Limit

With the Pro account you can send a file of up to 25 GB, which can be available for up to 30 days. You also get a generous 1 TB of storage space. If you need to send bigger files, or make your files available for longer, then our Business or Enterprise account is what you are looking for.

With Filemail Pro you get blazing fast transfer speeds. We have dedicated fileservers in all regions of the world that are reserved for Pro customers.

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